Adriana Adamcova Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artist

Adriana Adamcova is a Professional Fashion & Beauty Makeup Artist. Adriana was born in former Czechoslovakia, she grew up with fundamental life principles of “EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL” that her beautiful, wise and smart mother inculcate her. Adriana Adamcova was very passionate about trends, fashion and styling, she actually started practicing makeup artistry with childhood friends which helped her develop her talent.

Fashion and Makeup in Europe

Ariana Adamcova started her professional fashion modeling career in Slovakia, her post-communist country back in 1990. As a model, Adriana Adamcova toured in different cities around Europe like Muchich, Milan, London, Viena amongst many others. In 1993 Adriana started as a co-founder K FASHION, a new modeling agency which in?1995 changed ownership to Mrs. Katarina Ficelova and is now known as BLACK & WHITE PRODUCTIONS. In 1996 she began a corporation and did business with numerous fashion and style agencies including recognized international artists, art galleries and key fashion design enterprises in the United States. Adriana Adamcova gained a lot of experience during these years, she gained recognition in the world of fashion styling, runway shows events, photo shoot coordination and worked with a lot of European celebrities.

Los Angeles, California Professional Makeup

Adriana?Adamcova?moved to Los Angeles, California in 2002. Since then, she’s continuing to gain more experience. Adriana have enhaced her skills and talent in fashion, makeup artistry, and expressing woman beauty. Adriana Adamcova’s Makeup Business is now known as Makeup by Kaya and she is working with actors, models and everyday people.

Adriana’s has a peaceful and friendly personality, she is very professional, she gets along very well with every single living thing on earth! She counts 25 years of happiness and enriching life experiences.

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