Wilderness Juxtaposed Synthetic by Simona Marchaj

This concept was born out of a class our hairstylist is taking with Sam?McKnight called Hair Mastered. It focused on wilderness juxtaposed synthetic,?the contrasts of romance and darkness. Superhuman – supernatural abilities?and evil.

  • Photographer: Simona Marchaj @simona.marchaj
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/simonamarchajphotography
  • Model: Laura Pitkute/ BMG MODELS @laura_pitkute
  • Model: Sami Waitley/ BMG MODELS @samiwaitley
  • Hair: Brenda Bonomo @brendabonomo2
  • Make up: Gosia Gorniak @gosiagorniakmakeup_artist_
  • Style: Joshua N. Walker @jwfinished

Contrast of Romance and Darkness Fashion Editorial
Fashion Editorial Chicago
Wilderness Juxtaposed Synthetic
Wilderness Juxtaposed Synthetic