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You know that expression, accessories make the outfit? Well it?s true. Take a plain black outfit and dress it up with a gorgeous necklace and stunning earrings, and you take your look to a completely new level. Go from pretty to glamorous with just the right accent piece. Lacey B. Smith, a fashion guru and founder of ?The Fashion Movement?, appreciates the need for such details. His company started Haute Accessory Week in 2011, an annual event to bring designers accessory pieces to the public and showcase them in a runway event.

The event hosted by ?The Fashion Movement? at the Galleria at USF, Tampa Florida, in February 2018, and was a huge hit. Supporters enjoyed shopping both before and after at the many vendor booths set up outside the event in a Boutique format. The show itself was exhilarating as gorgeous men and women glided down the runway with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, handbags and at one point carrying gorgeous painted canvases that all popped off their black attire.

Lacey felt that offering a platform to accessory designers and artists bridged a gap in the industry and we agree. This year was the 7th showing of Haute Accessory Week, and with a unique twist they incorporated live presentations which offered an interactive and edgy experience for the audience. With on stage body painting and live canvas painting, the audience was able to see the creative process from start to finish.

Lacey B. Smith is a mastermind. His mother was a seamstress and blossomed a passion for fashion at a very young age. He started volunteering in fashion and found this love only grew. He grew up in Jamaica and moved to the States in his teens; then he began exploring his passion. Even when life took him towards a path in Finance, he always made his way back to the fashion industry. And that is how his company ?The Fashion Movement? was born, from a magnetic drive pulling him always back to this innate passion.

Events like the Haute Accessory Week were born out of ?The Fashion Movement?. The idea of creating platforms for designers to market their creations continued to grow. Designers flocked towards his classy and prodigious events. Word of mouth spread, as bios and samples of work were sent to “The Fashion Movement” with hopes of gaining entry into one of their shows. When a show reached capacity of required Designers, Designers set up as vendors alongside the event, still allowing their creations to be seen and sold.

Lacey also has a huge heart for community. Not only in bringing to stage artistic works but also for raising funds to support local charities. The Fashion Movement created ?Bowties & Clutches?” an annual Gala to raise funds for Joshua House, a safe haven for abused, abandoned, and neglected children. “Bowties & Clutches?” has grown to also include an annual Charity Golf Classic also benefiting Joshua House.

Lacey and his team at The Fashion Movement never stop creating innovative ways to produce and market fashion events allowing the public access to superior products. He enjoys promoting brands and helping to establish them in our fashion community. His goal is, with the right marketing, to imprint the artistic world onto each of us, and give us access to beautiful and fashionable works of art. With ?The Fashion Movement?, he has changed Tampa Bay by continuously bringing garment & accessory designers, fashion stylists, and creative visionaries to our door with top quality events that cannot be compared. With such elegant and respected events, we look forward to Lacey B. Smith and ?The Fashion Movement?s? next presentation.

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