Georgeta Mir Lahia

Moldavian Fashion Designer

Georgeta Mir Lahia is a Moldavian designer who attended the London School of Fashion and started by opening a tailoring shop in Chisinau.
She grew up wanting to be a clothing designer, and her talent helped her attract her first clients when she was only seventeen. Encouraged by her early success after graduating from school of fashion she returned to Moldova and employed seven people in her tailoring shop. By most standards, she was successful, producing clothing for scores of local residents. She also completed small orders for companies, but most of her work was for individuals. She dreamed of more.

Georgeta always wanted to expand internationally. She first had to market her clothes on the international stage. In 2006, the USAID-funded Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development project worked with Georgeta to prepare her for international specialty textile trade shows by helping her to develop brochures and have her work professionally photographed.
Georgeta took her collection and new marketing materials to the Ready to Show Exhibition in Milan, one of the largest international clothing exhibitions. During the show, she established contacts with buyers that could present her the opportunity to expand her business in Moldova.

Thanks to her talent, the connections she made at the trade show in Milan, and the supply chain assistance; Georgeta’s business is thriving. She still owns the tailoring shop but in 2007, she built a new, industrial-size enterprise called Actual Confectii, which employs 40 people and has the capacity to expand. She then completed an order of 3,000 pieces in three styles for fashion giant Max Mara.
Georgeta admits that with hard work and determination, her designer dream has come true. The clothing is beautiful, every day is interesting, and the success of her brand is proved by the quality and quantity of her line.