We are delighted with your work and we are happy to share it in our online magazine and social networks. Please answer all these questions and try to write as much information as possible so that our readers know more about you and what you do.

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  • We will select photos from your instagram or wherever you tell us.

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1 – What is your name and the name of your photographic service?

2 – Where do you live ( City, Country ) and in which cities do you normally practice your photography?

3 – How did you start in photography?

4 – What are your main photographic influences?

5 – Do you have a specific photographic style that you like the most?

6 – Mention the photographic equipment / brands you normally use (camera, lenses, accessories, etc.)?

7 – Do you have a photographic studio, where is it located?

8 – What kind of projects do you usually do? Any interesting projects in sight?

9 – Tell us about your short and long term goals as a photographer.

10 – What is your greatest achievement in photography (modeling, fashion, glamour)?

11 – Have you done fashion show photography? If yes, mention the event you liked the most.

12 – Do you prefer fashion, beauty or portrait photography in general?

13 – How do you select your scenery or location and which ones do you like to work on the most?

14 – Where would be your ideal location for a photo shoot (worldwide)?

15 – How do you find and select your models?

16 – Mention 3 models that have marked your photographic work?

17 – Where can we see more of your photographic work and contact you? Please share your social networks, website links, etc.


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