The Fashionable Shock-Proof iPhone Case You’ve Been Waiting For

Hey guys, I’m about to blow your minds with this new iPhone case from Got 2 Be Me! As you know I’m always out & about adventuring, and I DEFINITELY drop by cell phone like 800 times a day. Needless to say, having a sturdy case that I can trust is a must. BUT I hate the big clunky phone cases that are 1) Not fashionable and 2) Way too big!


I was getting really annoyed trying case after case, just to be disappointed by chips in my phone from drops and having to bring a bag because I couldn’t fit this bulky thing in my pocket…. UNTIL NOW!


Introducing the Got 2 Be Me “3D Lace Flower Cover for iPhone!”


This super detailed, chic case comes in three colors, black, white & pink! Available for iphone 7, 7 plus, 6, 6S, 6 plus, and 5 SS ES! Want a free one? Get one within the next 24 hours for FREE at


If you’re like me you drop your phone CONSTANTLY, but all us girls know big clunky cases don’t do well in the non-existent pockets clothing companies plague us with.


Now you can feel confident in your phone’s safety from countless drops while still being the trendy queen you are!?I love this black one as well, especially with a white or rose gold iPhone!


Dirt-resistant, Shockproof, Anti-knock, Anti-skid, Scratch-resistant

What more could you want??

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