Blue Hole – New Mexico

Blue Hole – Santa Rosa, New Mexico

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When you?re cruising down Historic Route 66 in New Mexico mid June and your AC goes out, life is rough. But don?t worry, one of New Mexico?s best kept secrets has got you covered! Google ‘Blue Hole Santa Rosa ‘and find a recreational park just a couple of miles off the highway. When you arrive, you pay a $5 fee – FOR THE WHOLE DAY! This gives you access to the water park with dozens of inflatables to play on? OR, you can ask about the Blue Hole. You?ll be told to go back out to the main road and turn left and pull down a dirt road into a much less populated parking lot where your $5 pass is also accepted. Park your car, or in our case, your DIY RV build sprinter van and grab your bathing suit! Walk towards the vast hole surrounded by cliff and see people emerging from the water looking impossibly freezing on this 100 degree day. You don’t understand until you jump from a 20 ft cliff that overhangs the vast spring. The minute your skin hits the water a sensation of a hundred needles moves over your body. That?s because you just jumped into 61 degree water. You make the obligatory B-line sprint to the stairs and rush out to warm up. The spring has a depth of 81 ft and pumps out 3,000 gallons of fresh spring water a minute. The hole is a great scuba or free diving location because of its depth and extreme clarity. If you?re ever in northern New Mexico, I highly recommend this stop!