The secret of coconut oil


For the ladies who have never tried the coconut oil would never imagine what a beauty miracle the coconut oil is. This magical oil could be used as a moisturizer for skin and hair as well. Thanks to its molecular structure, the oil is absorbed in the skin leaving it soft and hydrated. Apply it while showering as scrub and you will notice how smooth the skin becomes.

It can also be used as an anti-aging remedy. It is used to massage the face; therefore it will eliminate the dark spots and the imperfections caused by the aging. It uniforms the complexion giving it a healthy and radiant look. Mix it with brown sugar and use it as a scrub. You may apply the coconut oil twice a day after washing your face. You will notice soon that the face lines will fade away. If you decide to get the coconut oil is best to use the extra virgin organic kind. In this one no chemicals were used in extracting the oil. If you have problems with acne mix the coconut oil with a little honey as musk. Thanks to its antimicrobial affects it leaves your complexion clean and reduces the redness. Not to mention that it is also a make-up removal with no chemicals used.

It can be applied to the hair as a conditioner or before shampooing as an ointment. It helps the fight against the dandruff and the hair becomes stronger and shinier.

Did you know if you eat few spoons a day of coconut oil it helps your digestion and loss of weight? Indeed, I lost 15 pounds just by eating it. It cleans your body from toxins and bacteria.

My stomach aches went away and I felt like I had more energy. I replaced the vegetable oil with the organic coconut oil in cooking. The coconut oil will neither make the food greasy nor do you gain fat.

Why spending money on expensive anti-aging creams, moisturizers, hair conditioners, and supplements when you can get all of these in one jar. The coconut oil can be found in organic food shops or online just make be sure you get the extra virgin one for better effects.

Beauty Article by Cristina Sandu