Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extentions

Eyelash extensions are booming. Long sexy flirty eyelashes are every girl’s dream. The best part about wearing them is saving your makeup application time, and, what’s even more important, women wake up looking fabulous every morning. Girls are blown away with a wide variety. Mink, sable, silk or acrylic, which ones to chose from? The beauty industry has so much to offer to achieve a supermodel look. It could become overwhelming and transform to a jarring experience. It’s very important to think twice before you become addictive to these beauty treatments. It is essential ?to do the homework and to research before getting the perfect faux supermodel look.

We’ve done some research on our part and interviewed an eyelash extension expert and the President of Preferred Beauty Solutions Donna Reade. Here is what she had to say:

<--break->“I started my company after a good friend became ill with cancer. I wanted to ensure all post chemo patients would receive nothing but the best products considering what they’ve already went through. My past experience has been in the financial industry and company downsizing lead me to start my own business. ?My degree is in Psychology, and Masters in business and combined this experience with Certification as a LASHFOREVER Technician, trainer and distributor for Atlantic Canada, Arizona and Florida.”

“I researched the industry of lashes and found the best product to be used and that would be LASHFOREVER?products which has no metals, formaldehyde or carcinogens and is very safe to use.”

Preferred Beauty Solutions?is a training center for aestheticians, non-aestheticians, beauty schools and spa’s. I strive to learn all new techniques and spend lots of time maintaining the best customer service to all my clients ensuring no bad habits or misuse of product occur after training is completed.

What are the types of eyes extensions and which ones are the best? Also which types of glue technicians use and is how the one that you use is different?

The importance of product comes from the manufacturer as well! ?My eyelash and eye brow extensions, all of them, are manufactured in Europe using nothing but the best 100% MINK Lash Extensions. The glue is a medical grade adhesive and has no carcinogens, and these products have all been manufactured in Europe which has reached worldwide health approval. The quality of such products are quality, natural and safe ingredients. All product are FDA Health Canada Approved. All ingredients are listed on the glue and technique used is to glue one on one eyelash extension to the client’s natural eyelash. Preferred Beauty Solutions does not use or educate any extensions using clusters. The technique is a single eyelash which is glued to the natural eyelash. This gives a much more natural look to the eyelash.

What to look before deciding which saloon to choose?

Clean, sanitized and well cared for salon will most likely be the most critical thing everyone should look for. Take time to ask friends for referrals if you find their lashes look natural, long and have lasted the time between lash fills, typically the 3 weeks, with their lash technician. Ask questions and also what products and lashes are used.

What are the risks of getting allergic reactions? If that happens, what are the reasons?

A test patch should always be done prior to having eyelash extensions applied. ?This is one way of ensuring no reactions and all clients should tell their lash technician if they have any or all medical eye conditions. Some medication, or even watery eyes will affect the eyelash extensions as the tears will interfere with the glue bonding and therefore not last as long.

What if the damage is done by an untrained technician or a poor quality product? Is there any hope to get your natural lashes back and how long it would take?

The best solution and preventative for the best eyelashes is for everyone to use the 100% natural product REVIVE 7. This is a Lash Enhancement and Brow Serum which is a natural product resulting in thicker and longer lashes and brows. This 100% natural lash and brow formula allows everyone to ensure our lashes and brows are well fed and cared for. The REVIVE 7 will allow for stronger and longer lashes to grow.

What is the cost of the perfect look?

An approximate cost of $365.00 for a full set and determined amount for the fill depending all on the amount of lashes you have maintained within the 3 week period. Aftercare is very important so no water, sauna or lash cleansing within 24-48 ?hours after you’ve received your eyelashes as the glue has to cure.

How long should the process normally take and, if you can share, what to expect?

A full set will take up to 2 hours and a minimum of 70 single eyelash extensions per eye. You will expect a minimum of 150 eyelash extensions with a more dramatic look. There is a 2D 3D eyelash extensions as well and this is double the price of a eyelash extensions and focuses on volume and not length.

What are the red flags?

Ask to see certification (s) and ask questions about product. Natural products will give a more natural look. Mink lashes area gluten-free and provide a lighter lash than those made of synthetic .

What can we learn about proper maintenance ?of eyelash extensions?

Must use oil free makeup and makeup removers along with oil free products. ?All clients should only use water base mascara and makeup so not to interfere with the eyelash extensions. Oil products will interfere with the glue and the extension from the natural lash.

Article and Interview by?Vitaliya Talstakorava
Fashion and Beauty Editorial Writer
Exclusively for Intermodelo.com